Margot Community
Improving guidance and emotional comfort when booking mentoring sessions.
Alex Young-Davies
User Experience Designer
Kevin Luong
User Experience Designer
Project Background
Margot Community is an online, inclusive network helping women and gender-marginalized individuals provide virtual 1 on 1 guidance to their peers. Their goal is to provide a mentorship platform for individuals who don’t always feel represented.

With the respect to searching for and booking a mentor, the Margot Community platform was disorganized and lacked the clarity, confidence, and support users were looking for. Text-heavy, visually bland mentor profiles discouraged users from engaging with mentor profiles, and those who did engage were left confused by conflicting form fields regarding the necessary financial commitment.

When users got as far as the actual booking form, they were presented with a form that "resembled more of a job application than a mentor booking form". This in combination with tedious information entry often resulted in abandoned forms.
To tackle these challenges, Kevin and I re-structured the mentor profile and redesigned the entire form-entry process, opting for simplicity and comfort throughout.

Profiles now focus more on mentor personality and package clear pricing information in an always accessible location that doesn't interrupt the flow of the profile content.

The booking form has now been broken down into a simple step-by-step guide that is friendly, supportive, and comprehensive for the user’s needs and goals. This allows the user to feel in control and confident about booking a personal mentor.
4 Weeks
Experience Design
Interface Design